Quick dry towel



Spend time actively. The equipment offered by Spokey can be your companion during mountain trips, city tours or when you’re camping. You can also use it while relaxing on a beach or during picnic.

Useful accessories
During your trips some clothing or digital accessories may be useful. When walking in difficult conditions (mud, snow, rain), gaiters protecting your trousers will come in handy, whereas with a pedometer, also called a step counter, you will always keep track of how many steps you’ve taken.

Don’t forget about the towels – quick dry and cooling. You will find them useful doing any physical activity in fresh air as well as during a visit at the pool or gym.

Spokey Sirocco quick dry towel will be invaluable while camping and during summer trips.  You will also find it useful during a visit at the pool or gym.         


We set high standards for our equipment, that’s why we make every effort to use only top quality materials for production.



The towel is available in three sizes: M – 40 x 80 cm, L: 60 x 120 cm and XL: 85 x 150 cm. Even though they are large, they take up approx. 80% less space than conventional towels.

The fast drying fabric is soft and nice to the touch. Its unique properties make it dry much faster compared to a standard towel.

The towel comes with a bag for easy storage and transport. A handy hang loop with a detachable clip allows hanging the towel on a hook.



With the use of special material, the towels take up approx. 80% less space than conventional ones.



For traveling, camping, and for physical activity.


material: Polyester 85%, Polyamide 15%
size: M – 40 x 80 cm, L: 60 x 120 cm, XL: 85 x 150 cm
hook with a detachable clip
packed in a cover

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