Create your home gym with us. Equipment offered by Spokey will help you take care of your shape, sculpt your figure and develop healthy habits.

Light fitness?

In building a form, an important factor is the performance of aerobic exercises and the use of widely understood light fitness equipment, which includes dumbbells and weights, twisters, rubbers. Thanks to these products, you will spice up your training, engaging in lots of muscles that are not in use every day.

The comfort and safety of training is influenced by appropriately selected accessories – including anti-slip mats and rollers.

Before starting a workout, it is worth setting a realistic goal appropriate to the current form, age and state of health. Remember! To achieve your dream results, you should exercise systematically and eat healthy. If at any time during the training you feel bad – stop it immeditely.

Fashionably and comfortably

Backpacks – sacks are a hit of the season, capacious, comfortable, will fit all necessary accessories. They are perfect for both strolls and for the carriage of clothing to fitness classes or to a swimming pool.


Backpack – Sack Spokey Purse is a solution for active persons – it will be great for both walking or roller-skating, as well as on the way to fitness classes. Perfect for people who like to stand out.



We set high requirements in front of our equipment, that’s why we make every effort to use the highest quality materials for its completion.



The backpack was made in the form of a comfortable, spacious sack. It will fit all the necessary accessories, purse, keys.

Braces are made of a cord, access to the inside of the backpack is protected by a comfortable grip.



Perfect for a variety of exercises everywhere.


dimensions: 33,5 x 39 cm
material: 100% elastane
cotton string

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