Enter the world of table tennis with us. Take advantage of what the Spokey brand offers and see how interesting and involving this sport is.

It is a treat to both the quick and the strategists.

Do you love adrenaline, quick strikes, and strategy planning? If so, table tennis is a perfect sport for you. You can see for yourself how misleading the appearances can be by watching the matches between professional players. It might seem that the playing field limited to a small (in comparison to tennis court dimensions) table does not leave any space for showing one’s skills. And yet, it does! When you play table tennis, the whole of your body is involved, starting with the upper parts that are responsible for hitting the ball with precision, and ending with legs that do not remain idle even for a moment. What is extremely important in this game is thinking and planning your moves in such a way as to surprise the opponent. It is not the strength of hitting that wins the match, but the precision and an interesting rotation given to the ball.

Playing in any conditions

Can one play table tennis, also known as ping-pong, at home? Of course. To play a match it is required to use the right table, but the very first attempts at training can be made successfully at home – for example by bouncing the ball on the racket and thus exercising precision and giving the ball rotation when hitting it.

The Spokey Pro School table is the optimal solution for conducting table tennis trainings. Certified by the Sport Institute. The net is included.




The table is equipped with large inflated wheels with brakes, making it easy to shift around.

The comfort of folding and unfolding the table is ensured by a well-designed mechanism and special protection of the folded and unfolded table.

Set consists also of a net fastened with a quick clip and a pocket for balls and bats.



The table is characterized by a strong construction and impact-resistant worktop, supported on a solid steel frame.

Built from two independent elements that allow you to set the table in the configuration of the training wall.



The table is certified by the Sport Institute, certifying that it meets all the required standards.



Table for recreational use, indoor.


Dimensions: 2740x1525x760 mm
Leg section: 25x25 mm
Diameter wheels: 75 mm
Weight: 73 kg

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