Nordic Walking Poles



Spend time actively. The equipment offered by Spokey can be your companion during mountain trips, city tours or when you’re camping. You can also use it while relaxing on a beach or picnicking.

Time for a walk

Fresh air activity is invaluable for good health. While walking with poles –both Nordic Walking, perfect to perform in parks or in the city, and trekking, recommended for trips in more difficult terrain – you not only stimulate all your muscles, but also oxygenate your body.

Nordic Walking

As a sport, Nordic Walking is becoming more and more popular each year. At first, it was a part of Summer training for cross-country skiers (hence the specific walking technique), but it quickly gained popularity among non-athletes. When walking, all body muscles are activated, whereas the specific technique reduces pressure exerted on joints, which makes it a perfect choice also for the elderly and those beginning to build their physical condition.

Before you start training, it is a good idea to learn and practice the proper walking technique. To help you with that, we’ve prepared an instructional video which you can see below.

Spokey Lipstick Nordic Walking poles have been designed for people aiming at frequent and intense walks. Their one-piece design and use of aluminum makes them durable and lightweight.   


We set high standards for our equipment, that’s why we make every effort to use only top quality materials for production.



One-piece poles are optimum choice for those planning frequent and intense walks. There is no need to fold, so the pole length stays always the same and is optimal for the user’s needs.

Lipstick model is available in 5 sizes, from 105 to 125 cm, which allows users to choose a pole length optimal to their height.

For user’s comfort, the poles feature detachable gloves (Easy Click Glove system), so there’s no need to take them off when you take a break, you can simply detach them from the handle. 

The handle is partly covered with soft foam for improved comfort.

The poles come with pads which protect the tips. They should be attached when walking on hard surfaces (concrete, asphalt).



Vidia tip is very durable and resistant to abrasion.



As aid during walks and trips.


material: aluminium 6061
no. of sections: 1
handle: foam / PP
glove fastener: Easy Click Glove
tip: vidia
basket: integrated
weight (2 poles): 380 g (for poles with a length of 125 cm)
length: length selected individually every 5 cm in the range of 105-125 cm
extra: pole tips

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