In Poland, most of us consider football a national sport. It is played by kids in the backyards and by older children on pitches. The common struggle on the pitch teaches children about teamwork, improves motor coordination and helps overcome shyness.
Admittedly, football can cause injuries, but provided that basic safety rules are observed, it can be a great form of physical activity for anyone. During an intensive one-hour training you can burn up to 700 calories, oxygenate the body and build muscles. Apart from the undeniable pro-health aspects, most of all football is great fun that will help you reduce stress and improve your speed and agility.

Spokey CELERITY football has been designed for those who like to stand out. The unique colors and interesting design make it one of a kind.


We set high standards for our equipment, that’s why we make every effort to use only materials of adequate quality for production.

We know that it’s good to stand out, that’s why we pay particular attention to original, excellent design. CELERITY model is an especially unique option, combining attractive colors and eye-catching design.

The use of contrastive color combinations makes the ball clearly visible on the pitch.


With the use of synthetic leather, reinforced with thermoplastic polyurethane, the ball is very resilient.

Celerity model features a unique panel-bonding system. Unlike traditional balls, this one is thermal bonded without stitching, which greatly improves its resilience and resistance to external factors.

Celerity model has been made in the standard size used in football. The circumference of an optimally-inflated ball is 690 mm +/- 10 mm, and its weight is 420 g +/- 10 g.

Spokey footballs can be inflated both with a pump and a compressor. To achieve the optimal ball bounce, inflate it according to the information provided near the valve or on the packaging.


The ball is to be used on grass pitches.


material: PU synthetic leather
size: 5 (680-700 mm)
weight: 400-420 g
layers: 4
seamless ball
latex bladder
butyl rubber valve

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