See how intense and addictive sport badminton is. Take advantage of the Spokey brand’s offer and hit the pitch!

Lounge game

Badminton is a sport that began its career (literally) in showrooms. The first show of this game took place in the salon of the Badminton House, from which the discipline took over the name, and the dimensions of the living room were transferred to the later dimensions of the pitch.


Dynamics and emotions



What attracts the badminton fans the most is the extraordinary dynamics of this game. The strategy and the ability to predict the opponent’s moves play a big role. For people who do not plan to play at professional level, badminton is great entertainment during outdoor meetings, for years remaining one of the most popular games during picnics.


Spokey Air Pro badminton shuttlecocks are a proposal for people playing at the advanced level. The use of natural feathers and proper balance ensure the best flight parameters.



Shuttlecocks are packed in an aesthetic tube, which facilitates their storage and transport.



The Air Pro model uses natural feathers, used in professional shuttlecocks. They provide the optimal flight trajectory.

The head is made of foam with a hardness of 80-87 in. Thanks to this, the shuttlecock achieves high speed while maintaining the bounce precision.


Head: foam
Head lenght: 25+/-1 mm
Head hardness: 80-87
Shuttlecock weight: 5,4+/-0,9 g
Diameter: 65+/-2 mm
Set: 6 pic

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